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We've fixed the issues with character parsing for characters without guild data.
Dustin @ 06/12/2014 19:17:54
I've fixed a few minor bugs with profile tracking thanks to changes in the API. Future improvements should be pushed soon!
Dustin @ 10/17/2013 20:20:34
Talents have been redesigned and updated for MoP. You'll also notice some stats like resilience and PvP Power have been added to associated listings. More updates coming as I can get them done!
Dustin @ 12/10/2012 16:42:24
You should now be able to see transmorphs on your profiles; the text and item will appear on the tooltip just like on the official armory.

We've also started scraping PVP ladder and score data again, and will have these available soon!
Dustin @ 12/06/2011 09:25:15
Well, I'm slowly getting things back online as far as the layout and "brand" side of things goes; bear with me as I continue to port things over to the API.

Everything should be restored to profiles now, sans guild information which I'm still working on.

More soon!
Dustin @ 10/01/2011 20:37:28
Well, I've been busy on a ton of different projects, some relating to Conflct and a lot that aren't.

However, with the launch of Cataclysm, I'm working to make sure that the site remains functional and everything gets updated.

Items and icons should be caching again and talents will be updated over the next few days or so.

I'm also working on updating achievement tracking.

Have a great holiday everyone!
Dustin @ 12/29/2010 00:42:40
Happy New Year, everyone. I've got some new stuff coming soon, which I think everyone will enjoy. I've fixed the gear score pages, and adding back server browsing.
Dustin @ 01/04/2010 18:57:34
Reputation pages should be functioning properly again with all sub factions displaying correctly.
Dustin @ 09/03/2009 15:51:43
I've fixed the issue with talents not displaying, everything should be back to normal with the talent tab again.
Dustin @ 09/02/2009 02:14:46
I've fixed the guild parsing so everything should look and act normal. I've also fixed a bug relating to incorrect class being displayed. Let me know if you notice any more issues!
Dustin @ 09/02/2009 01:55:36
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